Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Frankie at the Beach

This is Frankie, aka FrankieBear, Doodlebug. Belongs to Jules. She had a rough beginning but is now living the good life with her brother River. Took about a year of trying before she would let me pet her without growling. I worked a little looser than normal on this painting and rather like the effect. It requires a good basic drawing to begin with, otherwise I have to start painting things out and making corrections and then it starts looking labored.

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sf said...

Hey Tim -
My friend and art comrade Angela Cartwright and I publish a small but fab arts magazine, Pasticcio. Our holiday issue is coming out in November - we can't pay for submitted art - but if you would submit a piece for that issue - it would be swell. We can offer you a spot in our "gallery section" which means a full page to yourself with your site(web, blog, shop, whatever) front and center, so it's like free advertising!
You can see sample pages for past issues at our LULU shop:


If you DO want to submit, all we need is a 300 dpi jpg image, title, original size, and what ya used (like for the Daisy you did for Ed's birthday, wood, canvas, acrylic - I'm guessing, but like that!)
Hope you will consider and submit us something in the next day or so!