Tuesday, September 21, 2010


An illustration for Illustration Friday (click on the word "acrobat" to see the site). Doing this piece made me think about my creative process. I screwed around all morning, went for a bike ride, came back and had lunch, wrestled with the cat as it kept walking on my art to get my attention, and finally started the painting in the late afternoon. I think it took about three hours to do. But it took about a day of thinking about it. I always berate myself for not getting right down to work early in the morning, but I think is like a baby--it's going to come when it's ready.


Forrest Illustrations said...

Will she fall once on the turtle? Neat idea.

tera said...

What a great image! But I want to know where she's going with that cake! :)

Tim Mitoma said...

If the turtle has anything to say about it, she's going swimming!