Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sketchbook page

Drawing is a core skill for me and despite having done it since I was four, it's something I need to continually practice. Figure drawing sessions are great but illustrations tend to require clothed people. I live near a mall that seems to function as a town center--come to think of it, that's what it's called. Every Wednesday there's a farmer's market and I go there to draw people. I never realized how much people move until I began drawing them. I have literally seconds to capture someone's form. So what I call street drawing is a composite of a number of different poses and memory. It's an exhilarating exercise to draw a person with a few lightning-fast scribbles and it's also fun educating myself on what people wear, or in some cases what they don't wear. And what do people have in those giant purses? A couple of chihuahuas?

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