Friday, October 17, 2008

"Dicky's Cat"

In South Carolina there's a little town called Sumter and a bag of fries to the east of Sumter is a smaller town called Mayesville. Outside of Mayesville there is an unmarked potholed dirt road that cuts through a slit in a dense wall of trees that you will miss if you drive faster than 25 and at the end of the road is a colonial mansion with architecture typical to that genre of house. Two stories with an end-to-end central hallway on both floors that neatly splits up the rooms, big porches front and back. There's at least one resident ghost. This is where a gentleman named Dicky lives. Around suppertime a retinue of cats come around to feed. Since most are strays, Dicky doesn't bother with naming them since they might be gone tomorrow. In the cat community it's known as a drop-in cat soup kitchen. This is one of them that hangs around on the porch waiting for mealtime. 

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