Monday, October 20, 2008

"Red Roof"

I had a show at the Visitor's Center located at the Marin Headlands Golden Gate National Recreation Area. This was one of the paintings in my show and this building is nearby. The Headlands is one of my favorite places to draw, ride a bike, hike, watch the surf and surfers. It's a visually rich area with rock formations, rolling hills, historic buildings, a lighthouse, WWII bunkers and gun emplacements, an inland lagoon by a fantastic beach, and sheer cliffs. I usually get there by going up Conzelman Road, a narrow asphalt ribbon that some courageous souls chipped into the side of the cliffs that plummet down to the ocean. No matter when I go there's a gauntlet of tourists packed onto every turnout off Conzelman. The Golden Gate Bridge looks like it's about a foot away and behind it SF and beyond that is the Pacific Ocean so they love the view. Cyclists like riding Conzelman although it can be extremely windy there. One time I was riding up and the next thing I knew the bike was two feet further over to the left. It was as if a giant hand just shoved me over. Acrylic on canvas, 24" by 36".

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