Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Letter From Home"

All of the chair paintings were inspired by the natural light in the loft I lived in as well as the area itself. There is a phenomenon that has become typical.  Artists move into large cheap spaces in a grimy part of the city that most people avoid and create an interesting and somewhat safer environment so younger adventuresome non-artists start coming around drawn by good cafes that move in and pretty soon developers take an interest in it and then it becomes a booming area and after a while the artists can't afford to live there anymore. This was happening when I moved to Emeryville. It was maybe a year after the changes had begun but there were still undeveloped places and some really sketchy areas that you didn't want to be near after dark. It wasn't unusual to see abandoned things like furniture lurking in a shadowed stairway or freeway overpass, so seeing things in shadows provoked the ideas for these paintings. 54" by 60", acrylic on canvas.

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