Thursday, October 30, 2008


Good friend Mary Brent wanted to have breakfast with myself and another friend, Bente. As usual with MB, somehow that breakfast turned into doing a project. I think I mentioned that I was struggling with a kid's ABC book and she started talking about how we should do an ABC book for adults that was based on uplifting ideas. She and Bente are writers. We started with A and they wrote some things that were so creative I was amazed. I did a digital piece incorporating an angel but somehow didn't feel satisfied with the results. So when we worked on H, I just let it rip and went a little crazy. This is the results. They haven't seen it yet and may flip out. I have done pieces in the past that have incorporated collage elements and some 3-D items, so this isn't a totally novel approach for me but the images are so nutty that I was laughing while I was painting.

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